Woolsey Containers (Select Options and Provide Information to Request Quote)



  • Solar Panels

  • Battery Storage - Tesla Powerwall

  • Backup Generator

  • Rainwater Collection with UV Filter System

  • Waste-Disposal System - No Septic Required

  • Lighting - LED Low Voltage

  • Electric Car Charger - Tesla Wall Connector

  • Insulation - Closed Cell Foam

  • Air Conditioning - Ductless Mini Split 

  • Foundation - Helical Piers System

  • Roof - Commercial Membrane

  • Deck, Patio and Carport - On Site Installation

  • Portable Structure - Delivery within 90 Days


  • Information - (Name, Phone Number, Email and Address)

  • Financing Options - (Yes or No)

  • Use Type - (Residential, Commercial or Industrial)

  • Local Building Department - (State and County)

  • Off Grid Model (Yes or No) - (Solar, Battery Storage, Rainwater and Waste-Disposal System)

  • Size and Available Options - (320 Square Foot or 640 Square Foot)

  • Desired Delivery Date - (Now, 3 Months, 6 Months, 9 Months or 1 Year+) 

  • Address for Delivery of Your ARC Steel Structure!


Architectural Repurposed Containers (ARC) is a product developed by our design-build team.  The ARC includes premium grade finishes, portable transport and off the grid options to eliminate the need to connect utilities.  


The steel frame structures allow for a beautiful home, office, vacation cabin, outdoor retreat, backyard studio or industrial space.  The major advantages include: affordability, durability and portability.  


Prices range from $15,000 to $65,000+ including options.  We offer financing, delivery and setup.  


We are developing new models aimed to fit your lifestyle: 

  • ARC - Coast

  • ARC - Ranch

  • ARC - Studio

  • ARC - Student